Shameless Papistry, Fantastical and Paleontological Musings, General Hilarity

Some General Rules

There shall be neither heckling nor trolling. I will remove any such comments the moment I see them, and replace them with sections of the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church (Thank you Marc Barnes for the idea.). No matter what your beliefs are, you should, and in my domain, which is all in sundry, MUST be respectful and compassionate toward others. I will have the Golden Rule followed by myself and everyone else here. I will have no lewdness either. If you must swear, keep it to crap, shit, and ass. The f-bomb and any derogatory reference to male/female anatomy will not be tolerated as those terms mock that which is Sacred. Likewise, using damn as a swear word, and other blasphemous language, will not be permitted.

Furthermore, if you see me violating any of my own rules, call me on it, for if I ignore the log in my own eye in favor of the splinter in my Brother’s, I am failing my God and must rectify that behavior.


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