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A Few Words from the Author

Greetings, and welcome to my humble webspace. My name is Nathaniel, and I happen to be a young man who is blessed enough to live in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, land of Bluegrass(both the beautiful plant and more beautiful music), horses, Red River Gorge, Mammoth Cave, Big Bone Lick, and other such Wonders that God has deigned to place upon this land of mine. I am currently attending a state college in order to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Geology, which, within the relatively near future, I intend to use as the base from which to gather a Masters and Doctorate in Vertebrate Paleontology. I enjoy a good read, a good write, a good draw, a good hike, and a good fight. In regards to the first I am fond of paleontology books on the Dinosauria, especially theropods, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, a wide variety of Catholic “Stuff”, and the occasional work of Philosophy and/or Theology. As for the second, my short stories and poesy can and will cover anything, my (in progress) novels are religious/adventure/shameless moralizing with a delicious candy coating of either fantasy or science fiction. The third consists largely of humorous scribbles, dinosaurs, fantasy (you will note I am fascinated by dragons), science fiction, and devotional material, or sometimes all of those themes at once. The fourth is best done at Red River Gorge or some suitably awe-inspiring spot in Creation. My weapons of choice are either airsoft pistols or a full-contact Dagorhir style claymore, though I also own and use a similar style of twin axes (NERF), A Needlessly Large Sword, katana, and battle axe, the last three of which I built myself. I would not call it LARPing per say, as my compatriots and I just exchange blows while discussing philosophy and theology or the martial technique we employ. Indeed, we are that skilled. I am a practicing Roman Catholic who agrees with and does his mere mortal best to live by the tenets of his Holy Mother Church and Her founder, Jesus the Christ, who Reigns in Heaven.

This blog has multiform purposes, which are as follows: Propagating and Defending the Faith, Inspiring my fellow Catholics and indeed all Christians to strive mightily for the Greater Glory of God, Inserting a hodgepodge of dinosaurian and fanatastical thoughts into places you never thought they could fit, and throughout all of the above, cramming in as much beauty and humor as a man can stand and more. These are in no particular order, although the entire blog will reek (in that delicious way only incense can) of my unabashed Catholicism by the very virtue of my practice of it.

You may ask, why dinosaurs and terror birds and zeuglodons and dragons and knights and Vulcans and SPEHSS MAHREENS and elves and hobbits and oni and samurai and Nessie and all a thousand thousand other things? The answer should be obvious. Beauty and more Beauty until you are saturated so much with the Glory of it all that your cup runneth over.

You may also ask, why preach? Why be so out-where-all-the-angry-people-with-rocks-can-see-you? Three thing: 1) This is the internet. I am hardly in danger of being stoned. This is merely a means to reach as many poor sinners (i.e. everyone including myself) as possible. 2) Even if I were in danger of my life, I would still be called to say what I say and speak and live the Gospel. When the Word Made Flesh dies in the most humiliating and painful of ways, in total innocence, for your sake, that’s a call that bears heeding. 3) Because I’ve been ignoring the Seven-Headed Ten-Horned Dragon in the room for too long.

You see, all my life, even when I was a poorer example of a Catholic than I am now, which in truth, SAYS something about what I’ve done and where I’ve been, I’ve seen this pathological hatred of the Catholic Church stalking around the corner of my vision, occasionally coming at me head on when I happened to be noticed as a member. I either ignored it or poorly defended myself and my Faith when confronted, and bumbled through my life with my head in the clouds and my belly warm and full with the minutia of living. In recent years, after coming more fully into the Church (for technically, I never left, I just failed miserably at participating), I’ve had the veil ripped away from my eyes and seen the extent of what’s going on. And I do not like what I see. While Christ assured us that we shall never be defeated, not by all the Powers of Hell, He never said that He’d give us an easy go and that there wouldn’t be any dark times in our future. He in fact stated quite the opposite. So I see before me a task, that of revitalizing those fallen away or lax in their Faith, inspiring new recruits, and lastly, defending that which stands before me as Good and Holy and True.

From this springs the name of this blog. In the Book of Esther (It’s in the Catholic Bible, in case you never read it or are Protestant or something.) there are two state officials locked in a sort of political grudge match. One is a Jew named Mordecai. The other is a real jerk named Haman. Haman wants to eradicate the Jews from existence. Looking at history, this is neither surprising nor unique. Mordecai has a dream in which he envisions the Jewish people arrayed for war, and the rest of the world has a standing army leveled at them. There are two mighty dragons, one for either side, in opposition to one another, crying out in fury and rage for the combat to begin, itching to get their talons into the other’s scaly hide. Later on in Esther, Mordecai realizes that his dream had a prophetic note to it, and that he was the Jewish dragon and Haman was the enemy serpent.

I find myself in a similar position. While I do not see Earth’s billions that are not Catholic as my enemy, I do see a dragon. The Seven-Headed Devil described in Revelations. He can wear 7 billion faces, including mine. He’s been stalking us since the Beginning, striking out and devouring those He can. So I stand here, a dragon as Mordecai saw, poised to do battle against the Dragon who feeds upon the souls of Man. I pray to God that I emerge Victorious.


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  1. Rattling nice style and design and good subject matter, nothing at all else we want :D.

    March 22, 2012 at 9:51 pm

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