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Some of My Go-To Guys

In case any of you forgot or were unaware, yesterday was All Saint’s Day. The Catholic Church holds this annual Feast to celebrate the earthly and now unearthly lives of those who have made it to Heaven. All in Heaven are Saints, but the ones who we know by miracle to be there are Canonized Saints, who are officially recognized by the Church and whom we are allowed to ask for intercessory aide. There are a thousand and one interesting, insightful, beautiful things I could talk about with this expansive subject, but I think I will take the simple road and share with you some poetry prayers pertaining to some of my go-to Saints that I have written. Naturally, you may use these for your own devotions. However, if these are reproduced in part or in whole, I ask simply that you give credit of authorship to myself, Mr. Nathaniel Thomas Hall of Cain-tuck-ee (broken English pronunciation of the Native American name for my home commonwealth).

Like My Fellows: In the Style of Saint Peter

Though I am the mangiest of mongrels
The most scurrilous of curs
A sinful dweller of back alleys and dark dredgings
I call out to you to pull me from the mires of my sin.
For even if I forsake You thrice and thrice again
Your Love remains to abolish the words of my fearful flesh.
Though I abuse Your Tenets and Commandments
In my own self-righteous Wrath
You redeem me and show me the better path.
Though in my Pride I think I know Whom You Are
You shame me that I might know You better
And in so doing
You forge me into solid rock upon which to build the Salvation of Many.

Like My Fellows: In the Style of Saint Francis of Assisi

Seek God
With all the swiftness of the Falcon
With all the resilience of the Bear
With all the passion of the Wolverine
With all the hunger of the Wolf
With all the solemnity of the Badger
With all the ceaseless movement of the Shark
And with all the keen discernment of the Eagle.

Like My Fellows: In the Style of Saint Joseph

Oh Almighty Savior
I am but one small man kneeling before you.
In all my strength and cunning and earthly resilience
I am nothing.
Even if my word be treated as Law across the Universe
Before You I am dust in the wind.
Still I offer you what service my puny body can give
Be it used to tear down corruption
Or build a Civilization of Love.
In all manner of tasks
My staff is yours to command.
Even should that task be so small yet so grand
As to found a family for a King.

Like My Fellows: In the Style of Saint Michael the Archangel

In my hands I unceasingly pray
That the Sword of Truth remains
All the days of my life.
So that in this I may always defend myself
And my Brothers and Sisters
From the snares and the talons of The Adversary.
I pray that my arm be strong like my desire
For You and all things Holy.
That my heart be so pure
That I cast aside the Denizens of Shadow
By my very Fiat to You my God.
May my soul ride to War and Armageddon
Aside Archangels and all the Heavenly Host
For the Glory of Your Sacred Name.

Like My Fellows: In the Style of Saint Thomas Aquinas

In my pursuit of God
Let there be no distractions of the carnal.
Let me plumb the depths of Man
And in so doing
Let my heart and soul be thrown open
Bare before the infinite mysteries and processes
Of the Uncaused Cause,
The Unmoved Mover,
The Unordered Orderer,
The Uncreated Creator
And the vast but yet finite workings of His Creation.
Allow my mind to soar with Angels and Archangels
To dance and sing among the Hosts of Heaven.
For what I desire most is the perfect alignment
Not only of my Intellect
But my Soul
My Heart
And Body
With His Perfection.

Like My Fellows: In the Style of Saint Thomas More

May it be that I always pursue the Highest Law
That of the One True Lawgiver.
May it be that His Precepts be written on my heart
Like a wound carved into the flesh
Never healing
Always fresh and mindful.
May it be that my will stands like iron
Not for my own Pride and Honor
Nor that of my Native Land
But for His Truth and His Glory
And that of His Holy Church.
So that when Death’s abysmal rending axe
Comes hewing down upon my lifeblood
The poesy and magic I have written in the Mind of Man
Serves the Judge of Judges
The Arbiter of Arbiters
The Author of Authors
And the Poet of Poets
Yet more in His Kingdom,
So that even my Death lies among my masterpieces signed in His Name.